Are There Ghosts @ The Crecent Hotel?

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 26 Sep 2013

Do ghosts exist at the Crescent Hotel? If you ask hotel staff or a Eureka Springs local you are likely to hear a story or two. If Ghosts are real, the hotel’s strange history and historic setting in downtown Eureka Springs makes it a perfect spot for such an occurrence as a haunted hotel. What is clear is that the Crescent has become famous for it’s stories of a shady cancer treatment doctor, from the early 1900’s, who once ran his clinic there and for the accounts of unexplainable phenomena that haunt the grounds to this day. These legends were given new fire when the hit show “Ghost Hunters” visited the Crescent recorded some hair raising footage. One of the darker places in the hotel’s structure is called the morgue. During the time under the notorious Dr. Baker, the bodies of his treatment fails were moved there for examination. The walk in refrigerator was used to store the bodies and the good Doctor would use the nearby table to perform autopsies. The space resonates with an ever present creep factor and is the hot spot of the present day ghost tours. This is a collection I recently shot for the Crescent Hotel of the morgue.

Crescent Hotel Morgue





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