The First Creative Energy Project of Light Painting “Electric Vision”

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 07 Oct 2013

“Night walks teleport me to an imaginary timeline: What was and what could be. With each step, new scenes unfold of the real and the imagined, painted onto reality with the luminescent pens of the mind’s eye. This is my Electric Vision.”

Electric Vision was the very first Creative Energy Project, conceived by International Photographer Jeremy Mason McGraw and premiered in May of 2012 as a part of Eureka Springs 25th annual May Festival of the Arts. Each image was sponsored by a local business and many were created with the help of the public during live image events. Each image took many hours to capture in a tedious process called Composite Light Painting. In this process, the camera is set on a tripod at the subject location at twilight, and exposed in 30 second intervals many times while shapes and effects are painstakingly drawn directly into the camera using colored flashlights, camera flashes and other light sources. After location shooting is complete, the images are downloaded and squeezed together to create one master image on the computer. Next, additional light elements are shot in a dark studio via the same method and added to the master image. The final image is composed entirely of photographic exposures captured in the camera.

Light Play - Light Painting by Jeremy Mason McGraw

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