Rotten Brothers Show Poster Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulations – Creative Photography with no Limits

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 03 Dec 2013

Global Image Creation's Photo manipulations are an ultra creative process used to create photo-realistic concept images of just about anything you can imagine. Our attraction and concept photography services utilize digital composting to create amazing photo manipulations that communicate your marketing message. We made a short video to show you how we made this ...

Pictures of Eureka Spring's Lake Leatherwood Frozen over.

Lake Leatherwood Frozen Over – Winter on an Icey Lake

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 01 Dec 2013

In 2010 a freak and lengthy cold streak caused Eureka Spring's Lake Leatherwood to freeze over to the point that a person could walk across it. (probably not the best idea) The stark landscape made for an interesting background. Such freezes are uncommon for the lake in Eureka Springs' Lake Leatherwood Park. [caption id="attachment_424" align="alignleft" ...

James Intveld in Eureka Springs

That time James Intveld Played the Basin Park

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 01 Dec 2013

Remember that time country music star and actor James Intveld Played in the Baisn Park? This one goes out to Ekaterina Ewers (his biggest fan : ) [caption id="attachment_417" align="alignleft" width="650"] James Intveld in Eureka Springs[/caption] [caption id="attachment_418" align="alignleft" width="643"] James Intveld in Eureka ...

Beautiful Picture of the Crescent Hotel Garden in the Spring. Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

34 Beautiful Pictures of Eureka Springs Arkansas

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 19 Nov 2013

Here are 34 beautiful pictures of Eureka Springs, Arkansas shot by Jeremy Mason McGraw during the years 2009 - 2012.   [caption id="attachment_374" align="alignnone" width="614"] The Crescent Hotel Garden by Jeremy Mason McGraw, Beautiful pictures of Eureka Springs, ...

Robert R Norman and Jeremy Mason McGraw at the sphere lighting

Creative Energy Project’s Sphere Makes Artists of the Year!

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 13 Nov 2013

Thank you Eureka Springs, Arkansas for making Robert R. Norman and Jeremy Mason Mcgraw of the The Creative Energy Project Artists of the Year! We are thrilled with the love and support this project revived. It was a major undertaking that simply could not have happened without the contributions of our sponsors, The Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, the ...


Visions of a Zombie Photographer

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 03 Nov 2013

The dead came out in force to hobble and crawl down the streets of downtown Eureka Springs for the 2nd annual day of the dead Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl. Around twilight hundreds upon hundreds of rotting tourists and zombie hunters delighted onlookers and zombie photographers during the slow procession on Spring Street. The success of the Eureka Springs Zombie ...

Eureka Springs Postcards and Art

Postcards are still the king!

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 29 Oct 2013

In the age of digital instant global communications, you may be surprised to learn that traditional snail mail postcard still reigns king in the world of "wish you were here".  Find out more in this article from the Daily Mail. Of course this is no surprise to us. With the abundance of social media in our daily lives, electronic communications just don't ...

Aerial Photography of Downtown Eureka Springs

Fall Aerial Photography of Eureka Springs and Surrounds

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 09 Oct 2013

This collection of Aerial Photography of Eureka Springs and surrounds was shot during the fall of

Eureka Springs Volkswagen Parade 2009

Eureka Springs Volkswagen Parade 2009

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 07 Oct 2013

This is a collection from one of the eureka springs' Volkswagen

Light Play - Light Painting by Jeremy Mason McGraw

The First Creative Energy Project of Light Painting “Electric Vision”

Posted by Jeremy Mason McGraw on 07 Oct 2013

“Night walks teleport me to an imaginary timeline: What was and what could be. With each step, new scenes unfold of the real and the imagined, painted onto reality with the luminescent pens of the mind’s eye. This is my Electric Vision.” Electric Vision was the very first Creative Energy Project, conceived by International Photographer Jeremy ...